The ‘Morning Market’ in Vientiane is called Talat Sao and is one of the must visit places when visiting Laos. This morning market is located at the eastern corner of Lan Xang Rd. and Khu Vieng Rd. in the heart of Vientiane, it opens 7:00 in the morning and stays open till around 4:00pm daily and is full of locals and tourist alike.

Its outdoor section has narrow walkways lined with market-style souvenir stalls, while the mall spans 5 floors, housing shops, banks, and currency exchange services.

The shopping mall is where you can shop for clothes, sports equipment, and jewellery. There’s also a cinema and arcade centre, both popular among those looking to escape the heat and humidity. Head to the 4th floor to find a large food court, where you can enjoy a wide range of local and international dishes.